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About me, who I am and what I'm about

Everything here I was asked, so I'm adding it and my answers.

Age: 25
DOB: None, I was hatched
Sex: Male
Location: Anywhere I may be
Marital Status: Taken, but read the story of how it was before she "took" me *chuckles*
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Main Dish: Tender meat in a mushroom gravy.
Favorite Side dishes: Corn, asparagus, fried okra
Dessert: Not normally
Candy: From time to time.
Bands: OMG... all kinds... it'd blow your mind.
Movies: The Matrix, yeah baby...
Shows: Comedy, some drama, and throw in some violence. that's what I like.
Shoes: If they look good on me, I like.
Clothes: Look above.
Religion: none, I'm a born again tongue talkin water walkin child of God. aka a Christian. I'm not in a denomination, neither am I in what they call a none denominational church, as that in itself is a denom. if you disagree, that is fine.
When did you get saved?: I was 10-12 I don't recall much from those years.
What is your computer?: You want to know about my computer? am I that boring? thanks, thanks a lot...
Do you always wear hats, and what kind do you like?: Are you bored? alright... no, I wear hats sometimes, just seems when my pic is taken I'm usually in one... I prefer flexfit and nufit hats, as they are most comfortable.
Do you have any favorite sayings or quotes?: Yeah, check out my quote page.
Do you wear jewelry? Sure do. Necklaces mostly, use to wear bracelets.
What is your favorite state? heck if I know, ask me in a few years.
What is your favorite newspaper? USA Today
Do you like guns? Yes, own a few.
How about knives? Look above, it also applies
What is your favorite drink? Pepsi / Coke / Tea
Color? Darker Blues and Greens
Favorite hair color? Blue
Favorite Game? Half Life
Favorite flower?: Daisy... why? it's like the girl next door of flowers... they are everywhere, but over looked, yet they are beautiful, sweet and innocent...
Favorite animal: Dogs and Giraffes... despite many peoples beliefs, it's not a pig... and you know who you are...
Favorite car: Jaguar
Favorite sport: Soccer
Do you have a criminal history? *cough* no comment.
Have you ever been intoxicated? No
Ever used drugs? No
Ever killed anyone? I plead the 5th *chuckles* thank my nephew for that question.
Do you have a favorite president? No
Are you in a relationship? Yes but read our none updated story
Do you have a job? No, I suck
Have you ever worked? Yes
Doing what?: camera work, editing, directing, producing, FOH audio, monitor audio, studio work as well.
Are you smart?: No, just blessed.