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Beautiful lyrics

Broken Yoke

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>Steve</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

Your name is high above all names
Whispering winds blow like a hurricane
In my state of tranquillity
Taken to a place I will never leave

Beauty and power is displayed
In a word that can make the earth shake
It's the name that saves, it stayes the same
From day to day never gonna change

Your name is beautiful
Your name is beautiful

When broken and beaten down
Words spoken never make a sound
Still sinking, what will I fear
Though I'm weakening my soul longs to hear

Sweet sounds of melodic bliss
Drops of honey from my lips
Let it flow like a river, sing like a bird
Fall like the rain that cools my face

Your light is brighter than the sun
your love is deeper than the sea
your reach is higher than the hills
Your grace is everything to me

Your ways I cannot comprehend
Your works are supernatural
Your fire burns inside of me
Your name is beautiful (beautifull)