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Running lyrics

Donna Barker

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>Kristen</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

To be honest I'm scared to death of change cause all i've known is what's been running through my veins and my head is telling me to run away just run away
But there's someone running circles in my brain who contradicts what former generations say,
and he's saying not to let history win, not again
And i can har him loud and clear when he says,
there is hopein you beloved you dont have to run away,
just because that may be all that you know though the poison in your blood has caused destruction till today there will be healing in the soil that you saw cause now the blood that runs through you the blood in is my own
to tell the truth it's not easy as it seems to be the opposite of all i've every day to run away
and temptation hits me harder every day to run away
but again i hear that voice inside my mind that promises redemption in the branches of my life
if all i do is love him and abdie he'll make it right