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Come Let Us Go Up To the Mountain lyrics

Matthew Donovan, Suzy Wills

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Nations will be flowing to Zion
When they see the house of the Lord
Running to His peaceful kingdom
Shouting they lay down their swords

Come let?s go up to the mountain
Come let?s go up to the Lord
Come let?s go up to the mountain
He will teach us His ways

Wash us with the spirit of burning
Let Your beautiful fruit shine forth
Then everyone who?s left in Zion
Will be called holy forever more


Arise amd shake the earth so mightily
Send Your glory all across the land
Then everything that?s proud and lofty
Will bow before the Son of Man


Over all the glory
There will be a covering
A cloud and smoke all through the day
A flaming fire all through the night
A tabernacle for the shade
A shelter from the pouring rain
Wen the Lord has washed away
The filth from the daughters of Zion