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The Big Snow lyrics

Bob Halligan, Jr

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There was no love between John and Joe
If one said stop, the other said go
Darts of hate shot across the road -
until the big snow

It came like rain, but seven feet high
Phone rings, John hears Joe's wife cry
It's hard to hate when you can't see the sky
That's when you relly know that
(chorus)The big snow will make you brothers
The big snow will show the way
You learn fast to love each other
When you can't say no
To the big, big, big, big snow
Joe's wife says: "Come quick,
John says "What for?"
She says, "A wall of ice is at our front door
My Joe pushed and pushed
and he collapsed on the floor
Curse this big snow!"
Says John, "Hang on, I'll be right there"
His shovel squeals, his lungs scream for air
Must push on, but Lord I'm scared
Sometimes you have to go, 'cause

John's life flashed
before his eyes
He recalls the flood of '55
"Somehow that time we all survived -
why not the big snow?"

Well, he found their door and he broke on through
And with John's help, old Joe came to
Joe looks up and smiles and says:
"Who invited you?"
And that's when you really know

(chorus + 8 more "big"s)