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Thousand Miles lyrics

Vanessa Carlton

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Makin my way downtown,
walkin fast, the faces pass
and im home bound.
starin blankly ahead...makin a way
just makin a way through the crowd.
and I need you
and I miss you and now I wonder.

if I could fall
into the sky
do you think time
would pass me by
cause you know Id walk a thousand miles
if I could just see you...tonight.
Its always times like these when I think of you
and I wonder if you ever think of me
cause everythings so wrong and I dont belong
living in your precious memories
cause Ill need you
and Ill miss you
and now I wonder
I dont want to let you go...
Ill drown in your memories...
and I dont.

makin my way downtown
walkin fast the faces pass
and im home bound.
starin blankly ahead
makin a way just makin my way through the crowd
and I still need you
and I still miss you.
and now I wonder