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God Has Risen lyrics

Don Potter

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O God the nations have invaded
Your inheritence and the holy
Place Jerusalem is almost in ruins
While most men just turn away

How long O Lord
Will you be angry?
How long O Lord
Will you hide your face?

Then the Lord awoke, as if
From a sleep
Like a warrior overcome
With wine
And he drove back his adversaries
And he smote them on the parts

For God has risen,
His enemies have fled
And those who hate him
Will run before his dread
For the fires are burning that
Purify the heart
And the shout of the righteous
Is just about to start.

God takes his stand in his own
He will judge in the midst
Of Kings
There is a shaking coming to this
And the winds of change will
Blow all things

How long O Lord
Will you watch injustice?
How long O Lord
Will you hide your face?