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Nothing Else lyrics

CD Title: History

Matthew West

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I tried money I got as much as I could and I went to the store And I bought it all But it wasn't enough 'cause I wanted some more But my house was full So I bought a bigger house and filled it up And there I was with all that stuff And empty

Chorus Nothing else can take the place of You Nothing else can take the place of You

Still I try friendship I called everyone I knew And invited them over for a party They ate all the free food And they told me how much they loved me But when the food was gone My friends were gone And there I was all alone And empty

So take the place The place of You And fill this space The way You do I'm tired of searching Those days are through So take the place It's made for You Not friends or money or alcohol None of these things, believe me You can try them all Not status Not success I know none of these things will ever bring true happiness