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The Lie lyrics

CD Title: Happy

Matthew West

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Everybody?s doing it
Everybody?s going out tonight
All your friends are feeling it
Whatever it is that makes you feel all right

Everybody knows that anything goes
Everything you want is just across the line
Step into the flow, go all the way tonight

Don?t believe the lie
Don?t buy in to what they sell you
It?ll only make you cry
I?ve been there and I?m here to tell you
What you got inside your soul
Deep down you know the truth won?t hide
Don?t believe the lie

Here comes the morning sun
Shining down on what you?ve done
And all you feel is empty
And you don?t know why it felt like so much fun

Here comes that voice again, acting like your friend
With a whisper in your ear
?You fell too far this time?

Repeat Chorus

Like a thief it will come to steal and kill and destroy
But you don?t have to let it take your joy anymore

Repeat Chorus