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The End lyrics

CD Title: Happy

Matthew West

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It was raining when I woke up this morning
So, to escape it I went back to bed
But then the rain started leaking through the ceiling
And pretty soon it was pouring on my head

Sometimes it follows you home
Like an old stray dog, it won?t leave you alone

It?s not the end
The end of the world
It?s just another day depending on grace
It?s not the end
The end of the world
It?s just another day, don?t sleep it all away

So I jumped into my car and hit the freeway
Found a sunny spot so I could work on my tan
But just as soon as I stepped one foot in the ocean
From out of nowhere it came pouring down again

Sometimes it rains all over your parade
It?s like you?re reaching for the sun, and you?re landing in the shade

Repeat Chorus

Well the moral of the story is
Sometimes life takes so much more than it gives
But the one who makes the air I breathe
Is the one who?ll fix the ceiling when it starts to leak
It may look like the end but it?s only the beginning

Repeat Chorus