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What about You lyrics

CD Title: Everlasting Love

CeCe Winans

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What About You
Everybody's lookin' for a peace that flows
And everybody wants a place to go
Nobody wants to kneel and pray
So nobody sees results without faith

When someone falls along the wayside
and everybody knows why
Another heart sadly broken
I'm here to help, no need to cry

Everybody needs someone to love
Everybody wants some hand to hold
Everybody needs salvation for the soul
So what about you?

Everybody wants to live life good
Does anybody live the way they should
It's never too late to turn around
Cause everyone lost can be found

So when your feeling so alone
Don't think that you can't come home
And when you want to be held close
My arms are yours so let me know


Just reach out and let me touch you
Give you strength
through your night
Close your eyes
and rest your head on my shoulders
and I'll make it right