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Unseen Hands lyrics

CD Title: Lead Me Home

Hilary Weeks

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Standing at the top of the hill
Wondering how I ever made it here
The climb so steep
And I'm so weak

And knowing there is so far to go
Should I turn back, am I moving too slow
Then at my feet
I'm sure I feel

Unseen hands
Lifting my load
Unseen hands
Guiding me home
And though I can't see
They're always there for me
And I'll put all the faith I have
In unseen hands.

Sometimes when the way seems unclear
I just hold on hoping they're near
No matter where the road
I am not alone


You can live your life blind to the hands that save you
And never know how good it feels
To know a little piece of heaven's watching over you
Oh, and ready and waiting to lend a hand