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Want A Broken Heart lyrics

CD Title: I See Things Upside Down

Derek Webb

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I?ve got faith in the bank
And money in my heart
I?ve got a callous place where your ring used to be, my love

I?ve traded naked and unashamed
For a better place to hide
For a righteous mask, a suit of fig leaves and lies

I thought the cattle on a thousand hills
Was not enough to pay my bills
And I fell in love with those that proved me wrong

And now I want a broken heart

There?s a great pad lock
On the place where I was freed
I?m feeling bad from swallowing the key

And now I work real hard
But I mostly call in sick
Of a broken back from the ground fighting back at me

And I cannot look you in the eye
So I check the knots on my disguise
Because I fell in love with fashion in the dark

Now I want a broken heart

I?ve got alibi?s for every crime
A substitute to do my time
Cause your heart breaks enough on both our parts

Now I want a broken heart
And now I want a broken heart
Now I want a broken heart