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Finest Hour lyrics

CD Title: Wayne Watson

Wayne Watson

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What a moment this is
It is good to be alive
There is still time for changing the world
I believe it can happen
God has given us life
He has given us breath
And the sun is not set
We are not finished yet
And I tell you there must be a reason

This could be your finest hour
This could be your greatest day
This could be your finest hour
Don't throw it away

'Cause you just never know
You never know what's around the next bend
There are answers to prayer
So you just can't stop caring
This is not the end
It's not only the young
No not just the fast or the strong
But to the one who is wise
Who will open their eyes
To the spirit of God
To His power

This could be your finest hour
This could be your place in time
This could be your defining moment
Get ready to shine