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More Than a Little Unusual lyrics

CD Title: Wayne Watson

Wayne Watson

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Everybody is picking on you,
You're not like everybody else,
And even when the big bad world backs off just a little,
You're still pretty hard on yourself.
Feel like you just don't fit in much,
But your faith, your conviction is strong,
and just because you march to the beat of a different drummer
hey, that doesn't mean that your wrong.

ya see, Jesus was a rebel,
do ya think he cared?
what people thought about him?
they thought he was weird.
It didn't keep him from his mission,
It didn't keep him from his call,
He was more than a little unusual,
I tell ya, He was more than a little unusual.

You gotta watch out
who you're hanging around,
Watch out who you're listening to
and just because it's on tv or you read it in the paper,
hey, that doesn't mean that it's true,
Sometimes you're paddling upstream,
and sometimes you gotta go with the flow,
Which is which in what is what and when do whatever,
and God you gotta help us to know,

Don't wanna be tied to the things of the world,
By the strings of the world, (no)
I wanna walk a mile in your shoes, Jesus.
Do what you do, go where you go.