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Climb on Up lyrics

CD Title: Living Room

Wayne Watson

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I guess you can stay down in that pit if you want to
But I'm ready to start crawlin' out of mine
I know it's easy to get comfortable here
Seems like everybody's gotta do a little time
But one of these day's you're gonna lift up your head
Stop your daily conversations with your pain
No more long lunches with that pitiful you
You're gonna set your eyes on Jesus again

Come on, climb on up here with me
You can do it, yes you can
Come on, climb on up here with me
Higher ground, promised land

I know with a word He could make everything right
He could wipe all the clouds from the sky
He could hold out His hand and bring peace to the sea
He could even dry every tear from your eyes
But you know these arms go weak
If they don't push and pull and struggle
With the body, with the mind, and the soul
Maybe God's plan to get this rock off my back
Is to help me pull some brother,
some brother from the hole
And tell him to