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Dreaming lyrics

CD Title: Living Room

Wayne Watson

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What is past is past
What is done is over
I will not go back and relive what's best forgotten
I can't say why
Why healing is so painful
Why is takes so long for old memories to fade

I'm dreaming again, believe again
that God will use me is the prayer of my heart
I'm here for the taking, this is only the start
I'm dreaming again

Battle lines are drawn
I'm learning to know the enemy
But You restore my soul for
the work that You began in me
Let me live this day
As if there's no tomorrow
But at the very same
I want to dream as if this world will never end


Why is it easier to believe all the lies
Than to trust God with things I don't understand?
It is just a simple faith I need
I will, I will, because He can