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Something's Gonna Humble You lyrics

CD Title: Living Room

Wayne Watson

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Something in this world's gonna humble you
It's gonna shake your heart
Gonna get your attention
No matter who you are
Before your life is through
There's a good chance that something's gonna humble you

I take no pleasure in the pain of others
And I'm sure you've figured this much out by now
But there will be trouble in this life
I don't meant to alarm you
Just through I would remind you
Somebody's gotta warn you
Just when you think you've got it all together
Out of a clear blue sky come stormy weather
And the best laid plans of both mice and men
Can go tumblin' down, you never know where, never know when


What are you countin' on to never, never leave you
Never betray you, never deceive you
Stocks and bonds, fast cars and land
Perfect kids, a big 'ole house; all the vanity, man
Well God will not be mocked, Make no mistake
You better humble yourself before it's too late
He might just tap you on the shoulder, drop a pebble on your head
Or drop a boulder in your path to stop you in your tracks cold
Lord, of the gallows of arrogance let me beware
And if You need, slap my self-righteous nose from the air