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Somebody Sing lyrics

CD Title: Living Room

Wayne Watson

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The best is yet to come
Still this is not all bad
everyday there's something to be thankful for
A reason to be glad
You are not alone
And here's something else
Jesus lived and died and He rose again
To overcome death and hell

Somebody sing; everybody breathe Him in
Somebody sing;everybody say amen

So you've have a bad day
How long has this been goin' on
You can't count 'em using all
your fingers, all your toes
Well maybe that's too long
It's okay to feel bad
It's not a spiritual crime
You just don't want to live
your whole life long in sorrow
The clock is tickin', it's time


I might be the best at looking at the worst
But one of these days I will be free
Living in this blessing as one who was cursed
Well He's still chippin' away
And I'm still growin'
And He's still working on me