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Incorrupitble lyrics

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Incorruptible, indescribable
Salvation?s calling?
When I was longing?
Now You?re the strength that holds my life
With a love that will never die
And never fade like the flowers?
It is a love that stands forever!

Oh I am not redeemed by corruptible things
Not by silver, not by gold
And not by aimless tradition
But by the blood of God?s sacred Son Jesus ?
Oh You alone are my living hope
And my inheritance is?

Incomparable, inconceivable
Your plans for me?
Shall always be?
And for the day that You?re revealed
My heart is forever sealed
With the promise of mercy?
And the hope of all Your glory!

Oh sacred Son
Who paid the price
Oh may I live a grateful life
That magnifies Your name forever!