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CD Title: Constant


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Must have been You out in the back yard
The mystery was found in the heart of a child
I didn't know 'till now, that even then I knew You
And there were songs back then,
There was a love affair...

And it goes on and on more than I can remember
It goes deeper still more than I could forget
But as long as I can remember,
I thank you Lord that I remember You
All throughout my life,
I've been loving You.

Must have been You on that twilight evening
I wore the beading gown and there were flowers everywhere
And I embraced the love that carries my forever
And it was all so sacred; it was all so holy,


You are in the simple things of life
You know the kind that makes me thankful I'm alive
Just as you are in the monumental moments
That have made us who we are


Must have been You who woke me up this morning
With sounds familiar now,
My baby's laughter through the hall
And I whispered a prayer as I embraced a new day
Because Your strength is perfect...
It has always been perfect...