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To The Moon lyrics

Rita Springer

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She rides different colored ponies over the hillside
And she hides from the moon at night.
She says, ?I don?t need a savior
I just need a friend
Please don?t sell me Jesus
I just need a shield about me?

So she flies to the moon
In a glass with small with capsules
And she forgets her name for awhile
She's says, ?Isn?t religion just another excuse
I don?t want your answers I just need
I just need??

This little girl went to the market
While this little girl she stayed alone
This little girl got all that she wanted
While this one cried all the way home

Well she?s a sarcastic jester in a courtyard
Of foolish and sobering tendencies
At least that?s what they told me
She?s not a handout
She?s looking for a hand to hold
It?s getting cold
Have you ever been that lonely?

Home is where the heart is, isn?t it
It?s where children say their prayers
And angels stand in the doorways
With their hands at their sides like warriors
She said, ?Where are my warriors??

She knows unbelief like a black cloud
Like a best friend
Like a dangerous enemy?her last words to me
?This is a place that I want to remember
This is a place where things have to get