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House Of The Lord lyrics

Robin Mark

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There's a house on a hill and it hasn't
Been lived in for a long long time.
And the windows are all broken,
And the paint has lost its shine.
And there's nothing ever heard there,
For there's nothing ever said.
For the life of the house left a long time ago
And the heart of the house is dead.

O House of the Lord, can't you feel it
How our heart is growing cold
For when the Spirit comes He quickens
But when the Spirit leaves, life goes.

There's a room at the top and the door
Has been locked and it will never open up
For no matter who will knock there,
Well it always stays tight shut
And there's no-one ever answered,
So now there's no-one ever goes
For the room in the house shut a long time ago
And the mind of the house is closed.

There's a room in the house where the fire
Used to burn and the children used to play
And the family would gather,
To hear the words the Father would say
But now the room is cold and empty,
And the embers glow faint red
For the fire of the house failed a long time ago
And the heart of the house is dead.