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Dedication Song lyrics

Robin Mark

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This is your day, you know this day belongs to you
Through passing years whenever this, your day appears
We'll join as one in celebration of this day,
Simply because, this day is your day.

This is your time, we've set aside this time for you
To bring you here, and give our thanks for one so dear
And so we join in dedication at this time,
Simply because, this time is your time.

If you are spring, then we're in summer
And our winter seems a long long way.
When autumn comes and days are short in passing
We may recall this day.
The Psalmist said the Lord has placed
Eternity within the hearts of men
So may you find more than an earthly season
The life that never ends.

This is your hour, all eyes this hour are fixed on you
Through passing years, this simple fact will still be true
May we have cause for celebration of each hour
You make your own, for this is your hour
For this is your time
For this is your day
For this is your day.