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One Thing I Know lyrics

CD Title: Rose of Bethlehem


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Something in your eyes I see
Reminds me of what used to be
When I was still uncertain of the truth
Sleepless nights that turned to days
Alone inside an endless space
Counting on someone to see me through

And if there's one thing I know
It's that you were never left alone
'Cause you can always on Jesus' name
And if there's one thing I pray
It's that Jesus helps you find a way
To make a change and listen to your heart
God will take away your pain if you choose to let it go
if there's one thing I know

How can I convince your heart?
His light can find you in the dark
And only He can make your blind eyes see

For if we speak of lost things found
Or lives that have been turned around
Then tell me who knows better child than me


I would never state my life on any lesser thing
Then the cross of Christ where He gave His life to ease my suffering