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Revolution lyrics

Kirk Franklin

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Do you want a revolution?
Do you want a revolution?
Sick and tired of my brothers killing each other
Sick and tired of daddies leaving babies with their mothers
To every man that wants to lay around and play around
Listen partner you should be man enough to stay around
Sick and tired of the church talkin' religion
But yet they talk about each other makin decisions
No more racism, Two facism
No pollution, the solution, A revolution
Do you want a revolution?
Do you want a revolution?
No crime, no dying, politicians lying
Everybody's trying to make a dollar
It makes me wanna holla
The way they do my life
The way they do my life
There's gonna be a brighter day
All your troubles will pass away
A revolution comin
Yes it's comin
comin, comin
Revolution's comin, comin
Do you want a revolution?
Do you want a revolution?
What you feeling, what you want son?
Who you callin to son?
You know Jesus is the true Son
The second in the Trinity
I know you feelin Him
500 days left until the new millennium
You hearin 'em
Trumpets crack the sky
Christ the last the first the first the last
That won't pass
So don't be caught slippin brotha
Cause when I see Him I'm gettin caught up
We move too much
we do too much
And if you step against us
Then you lose too much
Ain't no stopping what we doin
When the Spirit is movin
Don't be hatin what I'm doin
I'm the vessel He's using
Everywhere I be they try to judge me
They try to shake me
They try to budge me
But they can't break me 'cause
I'm down with Christ
Darkchild and Nu Nation make you feel alright