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Lean On Me lyrics

Kirk Franklin

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(This is for that little child with no father
For that man who doesn?t have a place to stay
For the little boy living with AIDS)

There?s a man
Standin? on the corner
He has no home, he has no food and his blue skies are gone
Can you hear him cryin? out
And there?s a girl searching for a father and a friend
Praying that the storm some day will end
But instead of walkin? away
Open up your heart and say
I am here, you don?t have to worry
I can see your tears
I?ll be there in a hurry when you call
Friends are there to catch you when you fall
Here?s my shoulder you can lean on me.

There?s a child who is sick and begging to be free
But there is no cure for his disease
He looks up to his mother as she holds his hand
Praying that someday the sun will shine again
And the pain will end


Tell me how can I, how can I love Jesus
When I?ve never seen His face?
Yet I see you dyin?
And I turn and walk away.
So hold my hand
Let me take you to a friend of mine
Who?s waiting to just to ease your troubled mind
He loves you more than you?ll ever know
So instead of walking away
Open up your heart and say