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Kiss of Heaven lyrics

Darlene Zschech - David Moyse - Hillsong

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I'm walking a new walk
I'll never be the same again
Dancing a new dance
In Your Holy Spirit rain
Your breath of life has overwhelmed me
And set my spirit free

I'm living a new life
Underneath Your morning star
Running a new race
In the shadow of Your Love
Your love is immeasurable
Too deep to comprehend

My Jesus, dream maker
My Jesus, life giver
I'm living under the kiss of heaven
And I'll never, ever be the same again

I'm singing a new song
In the presence of the King
Giving You my heart
That is all that I can bring
You lit a fire inside of me
That I thought would never burn again

repeat first chorus

My Jesus, I surrender
My Jesus, Yours forever
I'm living in the embrace of heaven
And I'll never ever be the same again

I thank You, my Father
For all You've done and all You are going to do
My past behind me and You before me
I press on for more

repeat chorus