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Together lyrics

CD Title: Mission

Jonathan Pierce

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I never knew such a freedom
Of letting go of my will to control
But in letting go
I'm learning to heal again
'Cause I know what it's like
To live with a covered heart
Not letting anyone in it (not anyone)
And life never promised me a perfect plan
Because I know with you my heart
Will have a home

All the time in the world
All the words ever said
When it all comes down
We can make it together

All the joys and the pains
All the love and our strengths
When it all comes down
We can make it together

For all the tears I cried
That went up to heaven
Now maybe they were not in vain
So when it all comes down
You know it
We can make it together

Now, my friend, let me help you
Here's my hand and I'll carry you
Until you have wings to fly
Wings to fly again
So lean on me and I'll be your strength
When you?re weak
Until you find your way again (there is no end)
And life never promised you a perfect plan
But together our hearts will have a home