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I Believe In Christ lyrics

CD Title: Mission

Jonathan Pierce

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I was the one who faced the judging stones
I was the woman at the well alone
I was the one who knelt at his feet
I was the blind man in the street
I was the one who yelled crucify Him
And the same one who said I'd never deny Him

I believe in Christ
No other before Him
And though I may fail
I'll never leave Him
For me
He laid down His life
Oh I, I believe in Christ

I was the one who touched the hem of his robe
I was the one who washed His feet
I was the one who ate of His bread
drank of his cup, then touched His hand
I was the thief who cried remember me
And the soldier who said surely He must be


For it was these eyes He opened
It was this heart He set free
It was this soul He's forgiven
And I choose to believe