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Should've Been Loving You lyrics

CD Title: Sanctuary

Jonathan Pierce

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I spent most of my life looking for acceptance
I never found what I was looking for
I was searching for love
I just needed some acceptance
All I got just left me wanting more,
Left me feeling cold and lonely on the inside
With nothing to show, but I had plenty to hide.

I should've been loving You
I should've been praising You
Should've been giving You something in return
For the love You've shown me
I should've been loving You
Should've been praising You
Your love for me was always true
I should've been loving you

The lonely life doesn't have its advantages
It just leaves You hurting all the time
I can safely say, I have found a better way
It's acceptance of a greater kind
I remember when Your love came shining in my lonely life
Looking back on all the love I've thrown away I realize