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The Way Of The Fire lyrics

CD Title: Writing On The Wall

Jill Phillips

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The water rose above my head
The next thing I remember I was carried down the stream
Left me washed up on that shore
But the power of the flood still burned inside of me
It?s the way of the fire
It?s the way of the fire
I took the first step without fear
I didn?t see the danger of what the stream could do
Then I felt the undertow
Of all the things I asked for coming true
It?s the way of the fire
(Just one step into the flame)
It?s the way of the fire
(He starts consuming everything)
And it?s all gonna? burn
(I?m refined and strengthened by)
The way of the fire
I don?t know how long I have been
Lying in the stillness staring up at blue
But I hear the voice within
Say ?Come back in the water?, and I do
And the river?s rise is a scary thing
But it always runs downstream
The way of the fire