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Steel Bars lyrics

CD Title: Jill Phillips

Jill Phillips

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So this is how it feels at the rock bottom of despairWhen the house I built comes crashing downAnd this is how it feels when I know the man that I say I amIs not the man I am when no one's aroundThis is how it feels to come alive againAnd start fighting back to gain controlAnd this is how it feels to let freedom inTo break the chains that enslave my soulCHORUS
I refuse to be locked up in here like a prison cellWhere all I ever get is a meal and four wallsI used to be just fine in here but not anymoreGonna break through these steel bars
So tell me how it feels when the tables start to turn
And you find yourself on the losing end
Tell me how it feels you're not welcome hereCause I'm tired of pain and I'm tired of sin


I won't let you winI have no doubt
I don't want you in
So get out, get out