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Buried Alive lyrics

CD Title: Jill Phillips

Jill Phillips

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I was surrounded by painI was buried in the darkness all around meI was content with my chainsJust like a prisoner with no desire to break freeI needed something moreSome reason to believe life wasn't all that hopelessSo I knocked upon that doorTo let Him roll away the stone and let the light in


Can't you see there's a changeIt's coming on strongerI can feel it insideLife is new, now I know
That when I goI'll be buried aliveNow I'm surrounded by peaceAnd now I'm living with a love for those in darkness
Cause I know the difference betweenThat grave I used to call my home and where my heart is


There is a difference inside me
It's like I'm dead to my sinNow that salvation has set me free, ohI can finally live

Can't you see....I can feel it inside...Life is new...
I'll be buried alive, I'll be buried alive