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Only One lyrics

CD Title: Jill Phillips

Jill Phillips

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You are the only road that leads me homeBut I only take you when I'm lostYou are the only one who love me in my weaknessesI only love you when I'm strongYou are the only water giving life
I only drink you when I thirst
Now that I've taken all these things for granted all this timeYou'd think I'd get what I deserve

But You care so much for meThat You gave your only SonAnd You'd do it all againIf I was the only one

I know I don't deserve your love for meI know it's something I can't earh
You are the only one whose love does not depend uponWhat I can give you in return


You alone created every star in every galaxyYou also made these lines upon my hand
How could someone so great have such a deep concern for only me
I don't think I'll ever understand

CHORUSSpiraling down you plunge to the ground
Waited by all the baggage you are holdingClutching it tight with all of your mightYou don't even realize that you are fallingGone is the glow we all used to knowYour eyes seem to focus on a point beyond meTHe words are rehearsed and neatly versed
To duitfully further your facade

BRIDGEWhat can I say to make you listen
THe words are flying through your ears and out of your headIt's wasting time and wasting breath
Cause "I'll do what I want" you once said
And you'll do what you want like you said

So show me the place, the very first traceOf love in your life as you now call itYou would have been ashamed but you've changed your nameAnd I guess you've changed your mind
I guess you've changed your mind
Oh, you've changed, you've changed...