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Perfect by Thursday lyrics

CD Title: Jordan's Sister

Kendall Payne

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A good week I've got -gonna see him once again
Been working out, reading up - gonna be all smart and slim
Who knew I'd be this anxious? Who'd have guessed this horrid fate?
All I know is that I have to be perfect by Thursday

I rarely get to see him and his name is all I know
He smiles like a king and that's all he'd dare to show
I'm faithfully attending my motive almost pure
Reckless in my thinking but it's his that I'm not sure

Perfect by Thursday - I'm planning the evening
I know what I'm wearing and what I'll be singing
Perfect by Thursday - perfect by Thursday

One day left and it's not looking very good
I haven't seen much progress to perfection like I should
But now I cannot quit because today might be the day
That all the effort all the work decides to finally pay

And then you will fall in love
I smile when you walk by - I laugh even louder
You don't even bother
I hold every memory - as sweet as a lemon - as loose as a fire

So now he's on the TV screen he's catching for some man
Moved away, left me here, I don't understand
But I'm convinced that he'll be back when I do least expect
Despite my opposition I fear that I am correct

Perfect Thursday - I'm sprinting to make it
If I have to fake it - you know I can take it
Perfect by Thursday - perfect by Thursday