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Modern Day Moses lyrics

CD Title: Jordan's Sister

Kendall Payne

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A modern day Moses
Waking the streets
With shouts of glory and blistered feet
He's met the maker
He's met the reason he's alive
And he's on fire inside

A modern day mother, living in the slums
Feeding the hungry
Making sure the race gets run
Always asking if we fought with steady feet
She fights on her knees

Let my people go

A modern day Martin in a world
Of civil words exchanged
But dreaming bigger thinks maybe
He can make the change
He's heard the stories
He wants some of his own
And he's not alone

The time is now the moment's here
Walk in faith or stand in fear
Change the course of history
Did you ever think?
No one ever thought
Who would have believed?

A modern day me, what have I become
What can I be?
If there is greatness out there to be achieved
I want to be more than someone who
Just passes through this life
I want to stand up for what is right