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Raging Beauty lyrics

JoAnn McFatter

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What can make the angels cry
Cause their wings to hide their eyes?
They must hide their eyes.
What can make the creatures sing,
Draw the fire from their wings?
Your beauty. It must be your beauty.

What are you gonna do with a God like this, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do with a God..like..this?

Come and behold Him
Love and adore Him
Breathing in, all His raging beauty.
Come and Behold Him.
Love and adore.
Breathe in, yeah, Breathe in
All His raging beauty.

What can bring men to their knees
Make them weep for what they see?
What can silence all the words
through the ages, men thought must be heard?
Oh come silence all the words.
Release your beauty.