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Closer to Myself lyrics

CD Title: Jordan's Sister

Kendall Payne

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Digging deep, I feel my conscience burn
I need to know who and what I am
This hunger jolts me from complacency
Rocks me, makes me meet myself

Jacob walked a limp to remind him
Of the greater gift of the greater One
But when I fell, I fell to my own resources
How can I carry the truth if I can't even crawl to You?

I wanna feel something sweeter than this sin
Cover me in leaves roll me over again
I've been everybody else now I want to be
Something closer to myself

Paint me in a different light
Shed me yet another coat of skin
Mark me with ash until I'm clean again
'Cause I'm so sick and tire of being sick and tired
I know I can love You, I know that I can

La di da di da di da