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Long Way Home lyrics

CD Title: Myself When I Am Real

Bebo Norman

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It's a long way home, and the fists have flown
In the silencce, there's nowhere left to run
It's the battle of our pending love
In teh shadow of another smoking gun

When we dreamed this dream for the first it seemed
We could live this love for a lifetime....you and me

I will not give up this fight
I will not lay down and die
I will not carry this heart of stone
I may not be your place to run
I may not be your kingdom come
I may stumble through this great unknown
But I will be all that is true
I will not give up on you
I was made to be with you alone

Cause you and me, we're gonna see...the long way home

It's a long way home, and crying is done
But the sorrow is still wet upon your face
Our collding hearts sometimes break apart
But now the pieces are gathered up in grace

When we dream this dream for the last time we'll see
That we lived this love for a lifetime....just you and me


Cause you and I, we're gonna fly..the long way home