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Sweet Days of Grace lyrics

CD Title: Under the Waterfall

Cindy Morgan

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Rain falls and then the night calls,
And then the hard times begin to wash away,
And sun shines and brings a new light where we can
Recline in the sweet, sweet days of grace

Deep inside the world fear treads
And hearts cry out loud
Shadows shifting 'round
And we fight
Dancing with out doubt
But darkness runs from the light
And mercy comes and shines
In His perfect time, and

Repeat Chorus

Falling to our knees
Blind faith, the only place we see
That You're never far away
Your steps, the place we long to be
No way to right all the wrongs
Don't have to know all the words
'Cause You are the song, and

Repeat Chorus

Under the water fall, catching all our pain
Under His gaze of grace
Our tears turn to sweet rain

Repeat Chorus