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Only Way lyrics

CD Title: The Loving Kind

Cindy Morgan

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Here you come
With your swords and clubs
Thinking that
You're gonna fight today

Small applause for your
Rebel cause, cause My
Feet are walking by another way

Flames and torches
Marching forward to fate
Don't you know

I am the Light
I am the Truth
I am the Voice
That will lead you
I am the Peace
I am the Love I am the Way
I am the Way I'm the only Way, oh

Flowing robes in a judge's pose
But their evidence is all full of holes
Pilate's washing his bloody hands
But he just can't get 'em clean

Crucify Him, crucify Him today - don't you know


I am my Father's Son
It is as You say
Lord Thy will be done

Drink the cup drink it up
Drink the blood drink it up
Drink the cup for the children's sake

I'm the only Way
Don't you know


I'm the only Way