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I Know You lyrics

CD Title: Best So Far

Cindy Morgan

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(Hoo-oh-oh yeah, ooh yeah)

If I could see beyond the step before me
Beyond my doubts and fears
If I could just feel Your hand in my hand
See with my eyes You're here
Maybe I'd lean on You
More than I already do (yeah)
Or maybe I'd turn away,
Pretend that I don't need you


But You know the questions
And You have the answers
To the doubts within my heart (hey)
And you have the strength and
You have the love to fill - Oh,
To fill every empty part
And I'm glad that You know all You do
And I'm glad that I know You

If I could just learn how not to stumble
Catch myself when I fall
If I could just learn to keep my mouth shut
When silence is best for all
I need You desperately
To calm the rage in me
Gets harder for me to conceive
How You could choose to love me


The more that we learn the less we know,
And the weaker we are the more we grow

(Ey yeah-ah)