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Superman lyrics

CD Title: Janna

Janna Long

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I been lost, I been lonely
I been thinking only the lucky ones are findin' love, baby
In a mes, been in distress, passionless, settled for less
You got an S on your chest, baby?
If I'm in pain, I won't complain
Little Miss Lane will call your name
Wil you come runnin'?
All I really need is love that's guaranteed
Oh, don't every let me down

Would you be my Superman
If I give you half a chance?
At the speed of light come hold me tight
I wanna fly away
In the arms of a man of steel
I still believe this story's real
And I want someone to take me there
Oh, I know you can
Be my Superman?

All I want is a hero, not another zero come knockin' at my door
Looking around, just got me down, I tell you now
I think I found the one I've been prayin' for
For my bent predicament, you're heaven sent
You represent a sensitive planet, baby
Who would stop a train or fight a hurricane
Just to know that you were mine?


Girl, I prayed for you
I'll wait for you to take my hand
Is there anyway that I could be that Superman?
My girl, can I hold you
Can I keep you?
(Oh, yes you can)
Can I love you?
(Baby, yes you can)