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CD Title: Janna

Janna Long

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More than a shelter
If I was stranded in a storm
More than a fire
In the cold to keep me warm
More than the waves have a need to reach the shore
That's how much I need You

I need more, more
Of You in my life
If I didn't have Your love
How could I survive
I need more, more
I can't get enough
I need more, more of Your love

More than a dreamer
Has gotta have faith
More than the lonely
Needs a loving embrace
More than freedom
To a prisoner of war
That's how much I need You


Living life without You in it
I can't comprehend
That's a place I know my heart will never find
I could never live without You
And I don't want to even try
'Cause Your love will always be the reason why...