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Great Is He lyrics

CD Title: Janna

Janna Long

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You, you been feelin' so lost under the open sky
It's like a crossing a desert, it's so hot and dry
You wanna lay down and die

And you, you been trying to breathe and get your second wind
You've been asking God for the strength to try again
'Cause you're about to give in

But I know He won't let you
Go through more than you can bear

There's not a mountain
Standing in your way, that won't fall or crumble
When you pray in faith
There's not a valley, that you can't walk through
Greater is He that is in you
Greater is He

Oh I see where you are, yes, I have been there too
Oh I've been in the fire and I've made it through
But don't be discouraged, no

When you pass through the water and fire
Oh yes, He is there for you, and He will bring you out

There's not a mountain you can't speak to
That won't fall into the sea
There's not a valley you can't get through
Oh, you'll see the other side when you believe