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Breathe lyrics

Darin Janzen

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>Joy</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

verse 1:
Where are You now my Lord (echo)
Lift my head to see Your face (echo)
I want to find Your heart (echo)
I need Your embrace (echo)

I know that You've always been the closest friend I ever knew, So teach me how someone like me can be a friend to You

I feel Your hand on my face
You kiss me on my head
Ifall again into Your arms and I breathe
The sweetest air, the coolness of Your love

Verse 2:
Fix my wandering eyes (echo)
One the sight of You (echo)
Burns upon my memory (echo)
I need You (echo)

I see those eyes like deep oceans they draw me
To be taken to a place
I've never known that I call my home [chorus]