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Common Creed lyrics

CD Title: Common Creed

Wes King

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It's a call to love
Love and mercy
It's a call to give
And ask for nothing in return
It's a call to give your love away
It's a call to hope
For the hope of glory
It's a call to live
To grow in grace and try and learn
What it means to give your life away
A house divided will never stand
Let's join together
We're stronger hand in hand

Common struggle
Common to the everyday man
Common table
The body and the blood
Commmon Savior
For God so loved the world
What we need
Is a common creed

It's a call to arms
It's a fight of faith
Sound the alarm
No time to lose, no time to waste
In this war for the soul of man
A house decided will never stand
Let's join to gether
We're stronger hand in hand


I believe in God the Father
In Jesus Christ His only Son
I believe there's only one way to the Father
By grace through faith alone