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What a Privilege lyrics

CD Title: What Matters Most

Cheri Keaggy

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Hello, how ya doin'
Can you spend some time
To laugh in the garden
Leave worry behind
Is it a good time to talk?
Cause I'm all ears
And I could meet you here
I'd like to meet you here

Yes, Lord, I can hear You
And now would be fine
Sure, I'm kinda busy
But I don't really mind
If You stay for a while
I'll drink from Your cup
And You can fill it up
I know there'll be enough

What a privilege
It is
To know You
To walk in your ways
To live under grace
What a privilege it is
To know a God like You
The pleasure is all mine

When I am falling
Or already down
Your love comes a calling
And I know the sound
Like a friendly hello
You whisper my name
And I am not the same
I'm definitely changed