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Everything We Touch lyrics

CD Title: Simple Things

Amy Grant

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There's a fire in the sky
The stars are burning
Like this passion tonight
Slowly stirring you and I
A way we've never known
Now we're here alone

You're the one in my life
And nothing matters more
To me on this night
Than learning how to love you
'Til the morning light
Baby, you and I

Hold me close, feel me breathe, touch my heart
Set it free and love will lead us
Lay me down, lift me up
Feel the power ev'ry time we touch

Don't we wait all our lives
For such a moment?
Soul to soul, eye to eye
When all our colors run into one
'Til there's no dividing line
Between you and I

Repeat chorus

Moon on the water, pulling the tide
Love is an ocean
Love washes over, o'er you and I
As we drift on the sea of desire

Repeat chorus

I've waited all my life for this moment
For this
For this